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Replacement 19V 4.74A 90W HP Pavilion dv4 Charger/Power Adapter With Free Cord

Replacement HP Pavilion dv4 Power Supply

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Replacement HP Pavilion dv4 AC adapter/ Power Charger.This HP Pavilion dv4 adapter Comes complete with power cord.Brand New Replacement 19V 4.74A 90W HP Pavilion dv4 Charger, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!

  • Input: : AC100-240V
  • Output : DC19V 4.74A
  • Power : 90W
  • Connecter size : 7.4*5.0
  • Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord For Your Country(Note:We have CA US AU EU UK plug, and we will dispatch the right plug as your country)

Replacement HP Pavilion dv4 Power Supply Description

This high quality replacement HP pavilion dv4 ac adapter will get your laptop up and running the right way at the very best price. It is safe with overvoltage, shortcircuit and overcurrent protection. It is sturdy and well built as it is made from the highest quality parts and first class worksmanship.The quality of this hp ac adapter is certified as well by TUV,RoHS and the CE to name a few.

Make sure you have power when you need it most. An extra AC adapter for your notebook.Charge your laptop at work or when going out of town.Don't bother to unplug the original one from home. Carry an extra light weight and handy travel Pavilion dv4 charger, to charge anytime, anywhere.You'll enjoy the freedom of leaving one at home and one at the office, ensuring your notebook always has full power.

This HP Pavilion dv4 Laptop AC Adapter (19V 4.74A) is rigorously tested to ensure maximum productivity and dependability. Have power when you need it, where you need it, anytime with one of our adapters. Keep one on your desk, another at home, and save your batteries for the road.

Please Note:
When buying an adapter for your notebook/laptop, please check the voltage and current setting on your current laptop adapter.
1.voltage [volts V]- it has to be the same as voltage value specified on your laptop.
2.Current output[ampere A] -it has to be the same or higher than the value specified on your laptop.

Replace Part Number:

HP 391172-001, HP 384019-003, HP PA-1650-02HC, HP 384019-001, HP 384021-001, HP 391173-001, HP 384020-001, HP 384020-003, HP 409992-001, HP ED495AA, HP PA-1900-18H2, HP PPP014L-SA, HP 384019-002, HP 384020-002

Fits Models

HP Pavilion DV3, HP Pavilion DV3000, HP Pavilion DV3T, HP Pavilion DV3Z, HP Pavilion dv4, HP Pavilion dv4t, HP Pavilion dv5, HP Pavilion DV5Z, HP Pavilion DV5T, HP Pavilion dv6, HP Pavilion dv6t, HP Pavilion dv6z, HP Pavilion DV7, HP Pavilion DV7t, HP Pavilion DV7z, HP Pavilion G60, HP Pavilion G70, HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, HP Compaq 6510b, HP Compaq 6515b, HP Compaq 6710b, HP Compaq 6715b, HP Compaq nc6320, HP Compaq nc6400, HP Compaq nc8430, HP Compaq nx6110, HP Compaq nx6115, HP Compaq nx6325, HP Compaq NX6315, HP Compaq NX6310, HP Compaq nx7300, HP Compaq nx7400, HP Compaq 2230s, HP Compaq 2510p, HP Compaq 6530b, HP Compaq 6530s, HP Compaq 6535b, HP Compaq 6535s, HP Compaq 6720t, HP Compaq 6730b, HP Compaq 6730s, HP Compaq 6735b, HP Compaq 6735s, HP Compaq NC8200 Adapter, HP Compaq 6830s, HP Compaq 6910p, HP Compaq 8510p, HP Compaq 8510w, HP Compaq 8710p, HP Compaq 8710w, HP Probook 4510S, HP Probook 4515S, HP Probook 4710S, HP Probook 4520s, HP Probook 4720s, HP EliteBook 2530p, HP EliteBook 2540p, HP EliteBook 2730p, HP EliteBook 2740p, HP EliteBook 6930p, HP EliteBook 8440p, HP EliteBook 8530p, HP EliteBook 8530w, HP EliteBook 8540p, HP EliteBook 8730w

Product Declaration

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